[Ingen operation] Stoppa hår från att falla av och få tillbaka tunt hår själv

If you suffer from a sudden hair loss, the hair loss problem will come out. Due to stress, unhealthy diet, drug, COVID, and many other reasons, many people feel thinner hair all of a sudden. The hair thinning problem even occurs in teenagers.

    “Why is my hair getting thinner? I’m just 15!”

    “I am going bald at the age of 17. what do I do?”

    “I’m 19 and my hairline is receding. Is it possible to regrow my hair back?”

Many adults experience crazy hair loss. They wear hats, wigs, hairpieces, or others to hide thinning hair or receding hairlines. Don’t be panic. Hair thinning does to equal to going bald. You can get the causes and solutions of your hair getting thinning here.

What Are the Early Signs of Hair Loss Female and Male

How much hair loss is normal per day? According to the research, the normal hair fall ranges from 50 to 100 hairs in a day for both females and males. If you see some hairs on the floor or your comb, don’t worry about that. Hair shedding is not a big deal. Your scalp hair can grow back about ½ inch per month on average. 

New hair grows out every day. But once the hair growing speed is slower than the hair shedding speed, the total hair volume reduces. When you can see your scalp through hair, it is time to take hair loss treatment. What are other signs of early hair loss for males and females? You can check the following list and then take action.

  1. A noticeable hairline recedes, like an M-shaped hairline. (Usually for aged males.)
  2. Get patchy bald spots or gradual thinning on the top of your head. (Also include beard and eyebrows.)
  3. Broken hair, swelling, redness, and oozing on your head. (A sign of ringworm.)
  4. Dandruff, itchy scalp, or strange smell on your hair.
  5. Excessive falling hair on your brush, pillow, soap, and elsewhere in your house. (Sudden hair loss.)
  6. Lose hair all over your body. (Your hair can grow back after stopping the medical treatments.)
  7. A bald father or grandfather increases the possibility of male pattern baldness a lot.

afro hair

Why My Hair Is Thinning or Falling Out Like Crazy & How to Regrow Thinning Hair for Female and Male

Hair thinning refers to unexpected hair loss in any area on your head. It does not strange to get different hair thinning types for males and females.

  1. Hair thinning at the crown
  2. Hair thinning on sides
  3. My hair feels thinner all of a sudden
  4. I can see my hair through my hair
  5. Hair falling out in clumps
  6. … 

The question is what the hair falling out reasons are. Here’re the most possible 11 reasons why your hair is thinning out and your scalp is visible. You can also stop hair from falling out and thinning with the following solutions.

1.     Stress or Upset Contribute to Thinning Hair – Relax Yourself

Stress-related hair thinning is possible for men and women of all ages. For example, over half of the university students have hair loss during exams. Exams, works, deadlines, and many other stressful things can make hair fall out in a short time. Once you get related, you can regrow hair and fight hair loss from stress.  

2.     Age Over 35 – Stay Healthy to Maintain Healthy Hair

Hair thinning and falling out can happen with age women and men. The fastest hair growth period is between the age of 15 and 30. After the hair growth age limit, the hair regrowth speed slows down. That’s why older people get thinner hair or even go bald. You need to keep yourself in a good condition to get healthy hair growth and grow back thinning hair.

3.     Illness, Infections, or Drugs (Thyroid, COVID-19…) – Stop Immediate Hair Loss without Those Factors

Many illnesses and infections cause hair loss and thinning hair problems, including autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, parasites, ringworms, fungal infections, and more. As for drug-induced hair loss, you can reverse hair thinning after the interruption of those medications and drugs. The side effects of hair thinning can stop automatically. By the way, the hair loss after COVID-19 can grow back after months.

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4.     Poor Nutrition (Sudden Weight Loss…) – Take Food Good for Hair Thickness

Nutrient deficiency cause hair loss and breakage. Most calorie-restricted diets cannot provide enough protein, fatty acids, vitamins, zinc, and other important nutrients for healthy hair growth. Luckily, hair loss from malnutrition can be reversed. You can stop the bad diet and take recipes to promote hair growth naturally, like nuts, berries, avocados, etc. You can click here to get more info about diet and hair loss.

5.     Sleep Late – Sleep More and Improve Sleep Quality

Yes. Lack of sleep reduces the capacity of normal cellular functioning, as well as your hair growth. Moreover, insufficient sleep is always caused by the high levels of stress, which contribute to hair thinning. Your hair gets thinner and you can even see your scalp through your hair under the light. To make thinning hair grow back, you need to get enough sleep. After that, you can grow thinning hair and restore the hair growth cycle. 

6.     Hormonal Imbalance (Menopause…) – Treat Women Hair Loss with Minoxidil Rogaine 5%

Hormonal imbalance cause hair thinning in women around the age of 50. The decrease of estrogen and progesterone contributes to thinning hair on the top of the head of females. It is a hard time for females in menopause age physically and emotionally. 

To treat hormonal hair loss, you can take a healthy diet and use hair thicken products. Minoxidil (Regaine) 5% is the only FDA-proven medicine for hormonal hair loss treatment. Or you can wear a wig to hide hair thinning areas. Be aware that hormonal hair loss also happens on men if he has abnormal hormone levels, such as androgenic alopecia.

7.     Chemical Damages (Bleach, Dye, Harsh Hair Products…) – Deep Condition Hair to Save Dull Hair

If your hair is falling out like crazy after bleaching, it means you bleach hair too much or you use low-quality hair bleach products. Many people complain that bleaching makes hair frizzy and thinning. The hair breakage and fall out problem is quite common. To avoid those bleaching hair side effects, you can do a hot oil treatment at home or salon. Bleaching and dying damage your hair permanently. You need to cut out damaged hair and regrow new hair for a long time. 

4c hair black women

8.     Vitamin B12 or Iron Deficiency – Eat More Red Meat to Stop Hair Thinning

Low vitamin B12 will slow down the function of hair follicles. It takes a longer time to grow new hair than before. As for low iron and zinc, it will cause anemia and hair thinning problems. You can find that your grow slower and thinner than before. During this time, you can take more red meat and other high-protein foods to get a healthy body.

9.     Traction Alopecia – Don’t Pull Hair Tight All the Time

It is your hairstyle that causes extra hair loss. Don’t use afro hair, cornrows, braids, tight ponytails, and many other hairstyles that pull the hair on your roots all the time. If you have hairline and hair edge receding problems, you need to give your hair a little break. 

10.  Pregnancy – Avoid Chemical Products and Keep a Healthy Diet

If you are pregnant, the huge hormone shift causes hair thinning and shedding. It is called telogen effluvium, which causes temporary hair loss for women during pregnancy. However, the medicines for hair thinning treatments are not safe for pregnant women. If you plan to get pregnant, you should not take minoxidil, finasteride, and similar machines. Just relax and keep a healthy diet. The pregnancy hair loss can grow back gradually.

11.  Genetic Condition (Androgenic Alopecia) – Wear Wigs or Take Hair Loss Treatments

Hereditary hair loss is a permanent hair loss for men and women. If you suffer from genetic balding, there is nothing much you can do. Just check those famous bald guys and embrace baldness. It is true that Minoxidil and Finasteride can be used as common hair loss treatments. But the before and after effect is not obvious. The scalp micro-needling, laser therapy, hair mesotherapy, or hair transplant treatments are expensive. If you just want to hide thinning hair in some important occasions, you can wear a natural-looking men wig.

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FAQs of Hair Thinning

1Can thinning hair be thickened?

Yes. You can add volume to thinning hair in many aspects. There are many things you can do to promote hair growth. For example, add enough vitamins, fatty oils, and proteins to your diet. You can also reverse hair loss by massaging the scalp and taking some hair-growing recipes.

2What is the best haircut for very thin hair?

It depends on your face shape, hair color, skin color, and many other factors. If you want to make thinning hair look thicker, you can try a layered bob/lob, layered pixie, textured bob, long bob curls, playful texture, etc. As for a classy haircut for balding men, a short combover with temple fade is a good choice. Moreover, you can try messy side part, balding fade haircut, and more.

3Will I go bald if I have thinning hair?

No. Thinning hair doesn’t mean baldness. Though you have hair thinning at crown, temple, or side, you can take measures to grow hair back. However, baldness lacks the possibility of hair regrowth.

All in all, you can get all non-surgical hair loss treatments from the above paragraphs. Find why your hair is thinning and find the related treatment. In most cases, you can change your diet, go relax, exercise, and clean your hair to add thickness.

There is no need to perform a hair transplant in the beginning. The hair transplant cost from $4,000 to $15,000. It just transplants the back of your hair to the hair falling place. But not all of those transplanted hair survive. So your entire hair volume is less than before. By the way, it is embarrassing if your original hairline recedes while the transplanted frontal hairline exists. Nothing left but an M-shaped hairline on your front hairline. Can you imagine that?

Fokus på hårvårdsmyter och vanliga missuppfattningar om peruker. Ditt hår kan bli bättre med lite ansträngning.