Soft Hair – What You Can Do to Make Your Hair Soft and Silky

If you want to look younger, the shiny and soft hair really helps. It means you have a healthy lifestyle and enough financial support. The frizzy, dry and dull hair will influence your entire look. Most people are born with nice hair. Why some people’s hair looks smooth, shiny and soft, while others’ look dry and damaged? Well, there are any reasons that cause unhealthy hair.

To make your hair soft again, you can take the following suggestions. These are all workable ways to get long, soft and silky hair at home. You don’t need to buy specific products or spend a long time on softening hair. Just read and correct your bad habits on hair care routine. With proper hair treatments, you can soften natural and curly hair naturally. Just continue reading to see how to have soft hair with $0.

Part 1: Make Hair Soft in Daily Maintenance

To stop your hair from damaging, you need to correct the following bad habits. In other aspects, you can regard these as healthy hair habits as well. After growing natural hair, you can get soft hair again. Moreover, your current hair can be softer than before.

Way 1: Choose Right Shampoo and Conditioner

You can notice that your hair is much more dryer after washing. This is because you use the wrong shampoo. For example, deep cleaning shampoos are not suitable for dry hair. The natural oil will be stripped off due to the chemical-full shampoo. To reduce the damage to your hair, it is recommended to use organic products. Moreover, you need to consider your hair type.

Another important thing is that you should not skip hair conditioning. You can see a big difference before and after applying conditioner to hair. A proper hair conditioner can add moisture, natural shine and smoothness to your hair. Thus, you can make hair soft and straight.make your hair soft at home

Way 2: Use Cold Water to Rinse Hair

Use lukewarm water to wash hair, and then use cold water to rinse hair completely. It is not suggested to rinse hair with hot water. Because the protective oil will be stripped off from your scalp and hair. To soften hair and create shine, cold water hair rinse is necessary. By the way, don’t wash your face and take a shower with water that is too hot. Though it feels good in cold weather.

Way 3: Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Avoid brushing and rubbing your wet hair. You should brush and detangle your hair before washing. It’s okay to brush hair when it is dry. But your wet hair is prone to get damaged. If your hair gets tangled after a shower, you can apply a detangler to make hair smooth again. As for people whose hair is tangled after washing, you can apply conditioner and remove tangles with your fingers gently.

Way 4: Avoid Overwashing

It is true that greasy hair looks terrible. However, it is also not good to get squeaky clean hair. Even though you use shampoo to remove dust, sweat, oil and other buildups on your hair, you still need to leave natural hair oil. This really matters to soften hair for both males and females. Otherwise, the unconditioned and squeaky clean hair is more prone to damage. Furthermore, washing hair every day is not necessary. Overwashing will strip your scalp. Your scalp will produce more oil to protect it due to the extremely dry scalp.

Way 5: Stay Away from Heat Styling Tools

Even though you use heat protection sprays, heat styling damages your hair. When you use heat styling tools like wands, curling irons and straighteners, your hair will be dry and frizzy. To make your hair softener than before, try to use a cooler temperature. Moreover, don’t keep the blow dryer too close to your hair for more than two seconds. Or your hair strands might be scorched. soft shiny blonde hair

Part 2: Get Soft Hair with Hair Masks

In spite of the normal hair conditioning tools, you can make a hair mask to give your hair more nutrients and moisture. After a deep treatment, you can get soft hair overnight for several days. Well, here’re some useful hair softening masks you can do at home. All those stuff can be found in your kitchen or bathroom.

Way 1: Coconut Oil – Restore Moisture and Life Back to Hair

  1. Warm up ¼ cup of coconut oil until it is liquid.
  2. Apply coconut oil on your hair. You can massage your head with coconut oil for a while. Then leave it alone for about an hour.
  3. Use lukewarm water to rinse hair. The extra coconut oil can be taken by lukewarm water successfully.

Way 2: Egg + Honey + Olive Oil – Add Softness and Silkiness to Your Hair

  1. Mix 1 egg yolk, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and honey together.
  2. Apply the egg mixture into your damp hair.
  3. Massage it into your scalp. Through this way, you can restore strength to hair roots.
  4. After 20 minutes, use cold water to rinse hair.

Or you can replace egg with buttermilk, yogurt and other ingredients. There are many food that can bring shine, moisture and softness into your hair.

Way 3: Banana + Honey + Olive Oil + Lavender Oil – Provide Hydration to Your Scalp

  1. Mix 1 ripe banana, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 3 drops of lavender oil together until smooth.
  2. Massage the banana hair mask into your scalp. You can use a warm towel to wrap your hair or about 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse out your hair and dry it usual. You can find the hair look softer and shinier. Because the protein in banana can add elasticity to your hair.apply hair masks to soften hair

Way 4: Aloe Vera + Lemon + Argan Oil – Replenish Moisure and Shine to Hair

  1. Mix ¼ cup of aloe vera gel, juice of ½ lemon and 5 drops of argan oil.
  2. Apply the hair softening mask after washing your hair.
  3. Allow the hair mask sit on your hair for about 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse it out and make your hair clean. You can feel your hair get soft.

Way 5: Apple Cider Vinegar – Remove Buildup and Maintain pH Balance

  1. Mix 1/5 cup of Apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water.
  2. Add the Apple cider vinegar mixture onto your damp hair.
  3. Leave the hair softening and cleansing mixture on your hair for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair with cold water. Without greasy and hair buildup, you can make your hair soft and fluffy.

If you want to know more about using Apple cider vinegar on your hair, you can check this article to get more details.

Part 3: Keep Your Hair Health, Soft and Shine

These are softening hair tips that can make your hair soft in a long term. Or you can regard these as useful tips to maintain the softness of your hair.

Way 1: Trim Hair Splits Regularly

To grow hair faster and longer, you had better trim splits and hair ends every few months. Those chemically damaged and frayed ends will influence your entire look. Moreover, it is easier to style and manage with the trimmed hair.

Way 2: Protect Your Hair from Direct Sunlight

Just like your skin, you need to protect your hair from overexposure to the sun. If there is no light hairspray with SPF protection, you can wear a hat to protect hair from being damaged by the sun. If possible, you can apply a hair mask to restore moisture to your hair. Because the high temperature and direct sunlight will dry out your hair as well. get soft hair with daily hair care routine

Way 3: Dry Hair with Your T-shirt

Use a cotton T-shirt you don’t want to wear to dry your hair. Remember to squeeze out the water instead of rubbing your wet hair. Because the friction and fluffs cause knots and breakage easily. To make your hair soft after washing, this step is important. By the way, you can use a silk pillowcase to smooth hair strands.

Way 4: Keep a Balanced Diet

If your body is in a good condition, your hair will not look too bad. To soften natural hair naturally, you can improve your diet with more zinc, biotin, vitamin A/C/E, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid, such as chia seeds, green tea, walnuts, fish, eggs, whole grains, lentils, spinach, coconut oil and more. Therefore, you can encourage hair growth, get strong strands and soften dry hair in the long run.

Way 5: Comb Hair with a Wide Tooth Brush  

Wide tooth combs have enough space between each row. Thus, it is easier to make hair glide without breaking off hair ends. When you detangle hair knots, you can use a wide tooth comb to minimize excess hair breakage.

These are all useful ways to soften hair at home without chemical full products. You can make natural hair soft with home remedies and correct hair care routines. Both straight and curly hair can use the above tips to get soft hair. But if you want to make your hair extremely soft and silky instantly, you can go to a hair salon nearby to get professional services.

Focusing on hair care myths and common misconceptions about wigs. Your hair can be better with a little effort.