About Cajochy

Cajochy brings low-cost and natural hair care methods for everyone. No more chemical-full hair products. You can find homemade hair recipes, common mistakes in hair care and other advices to make your hair grow faster and healthy. It is a place to find informative blogs about all hair-related issues. The main purpose is to share personal questions and experiences during hair protecting.

The Cajochy blog also brings wig choosing, wearing and maintaining tips. If it is the first time you choose a wig, you can get useful information here. It will be much easier to choose your first wig. Moreover, you can know how to wash and take care of a wig to prolong its lifespan.

Generally speaking, you can get fast (wigs) and long-term (hair care) solutions to get healthy hair. Both two ways are friendly to people in all ages. You can get twice the result with the half money and time. This is what Cajochy focuses on at present – Safe & Effective.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me by email (carolj715@hotmail.com), Facebook or Twitter.

Love hair, love life.