Is It Bad to Mix Two Different Shampoos Together? Yes, It Is

You may hear that using two different shampoos in the shower is good for your tresses. Just like multimasking, some people wondering if it is possible to get both benefits from two mixing shampoos. Is it true? Mixing two different shampoos at once is not a good hair treatment, especially for dry hair types. Here’re the main reasons.

  1. Overwashing will make your scalp dry.
  2. Different brands of shampoos may cause unexpected chemical reactions and side effects.
  3. You will not get the both benefits by using two different types of shampoos together.
  4. There is no need to wash hair roots and ends with two different shampoos.

Firstly, don’t wash your hair twice in one day. Because double washing will strip off natural oil from your scalp. It is not recommended to put 2 applications of shampoos onto your scalp. Overwashing is not good for hair and skin. Your hair is not as dirty as you think. What’s more, it is not necessary to mix two different shampoos together for dry hair.

Then how about mixing half the amount from each shampoo? it is also not suggested to do so. Actually, the main purpose of using shampoo is cleaning. It is not a medicine that can fix all problems and help you get the best hair ever. You can regard shampoo as a bottle of liquid soap. Will your hair be better after using two different soaps? Of course, the answer is No.

use two different shampoos at the same time

By the way, mixing two different brands of shampoo together may cause bad chemical reaction. Those active ingredients in shampoo mixings are not 100% safe.

Many people mix two different shampoos to wash the roots and ends separately. Because the roots is much more oiler than ends. Sometimes the roots gets greasy quickly while the ends is still dry, especially for long hair. During this time, you can wash hair with water only. Warm water plus massage can remove oil from scalp as well. Or you can wash hair with rice water or other homemade shampoos instead of chemical based shampoos as well.

If your hair becomes a little greasy the second or third day after washing, it is quite normal. Stop mixing two different shampoos at the same time. Otherwise, your hair will be very dry.

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