Puedes mantener tu cabello saludable mientras usas una peluca, solo sigue esto

Can wearing a wig make your hair fall out?

No. You can keep your hair healthy with the proper wig cap size, wig wearing, wig removal, wig washing and hair care tips.

You may hear that your neighbors, friends or cousins have heavy hair loss issues or even baldness after wearing wigs. Then wearing a wig is bad for your hair. Is it true? I’m afraid not.

Actually, the improper wig wearing and maintaining methods will lead into hair and scalp damages. If you keep your wig and hair clean, then there is no need to worry that wearing a wig cause hair loss issues. 

But there are truly some bad habits of wearing wigs you should correct. As a result, you can reduce the possibility of hair loss problems due to wig wearing.


  1. Incorrect wig size

get shiny and smooth wig for womenTight wigs will cause hair loss around the perimeter of your head. If you wear a tight wig or hair extension frequently, you can find the hair loss around the hairline. That’s why there are thinning edges from wigs.

The traction alopecia symptom can be fixed by stopping wearing that tight wig. The standard wig cap size is 22 – 22.5 inch. If your wig is too small, you can go to a wig store near you and get suggestions from sellers.

  1. Stop using adhesive

You may need to glue lace front wigs and get a particular wig style. However, adhesive is not good for hair health. If you are allergic to the adhesive, things will be worse. To prevent hair loss or breakage of wearing a wig, you should reduce the frequency.

  1. Choose capless wigs

Make sure your scalp can breathe after wearing a wig. You can go out with your wig to have a test. If the wig is not comfortable to wear, you should choose a new one. Compared with traditional wigs, capless wigs have open wefts at the back and sides. Thus, more airflow can go through and reach the scalp.

  1. Keep your original hair clean

It is true that others cannot see what your real hair is through a wig. But you still need to shampoo and condition hair regularly. It is important to take good care of your hair while wearing wigs. If you overlook hair washing, your hair will be fuzzy, smelly and breakable. Well, this is why some people day wearing a wig prevent hair growth.

  1. Prepare more than one wig

get shiny soft and very curly wig for womenTo some degree, wigs are a part of your clothes. If your wig looks or smells not good, you need to take some time to wash and dry it. Here’re 2 complete tutorials you can follow.

During the wig washing and drying period, you can wear a new wig.

  1. Sensitivities should wear human hair wigs   

Your scalp may feel itchy after wearing some wigs. That is because synthetic wigs are not friendly to sensitive scalps. The synthetic wig materials can cause scalp itching, burning and tenderness. If you insist on wearing a synthetic hair wig, then it will make your hair fall out.

  1. Don’t wear wigs everyday

Though you can wear wigs to change hair color, hair style and hide some hair problems, you still need to take some time to spend with your own hair. It is suggested to give one day without wearing a wig per week. Just let your hair and scalp take a break. You can also take this time to care wigs and prolong the wig life.

Hair loss is not caused by wearing a wig. If you bypass the above wig wearing mistakes, you can protect hair from damages with ease.


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