Why and How to Fix Your Scalp Smells Sour Like Cheese (18 Suggestions)

No matter how many times you wash your hair, there is always a sour smell in your head. If your scalp smells like sour like cheese, fish, wet dog, sour milk, or other disgusting things, you just get the smelly scalp syndrome. Some people may also have itchy/flaky scalp, redness, and dandruff. 

Why does your hair smell sour after washing so quickly? Some people complain that the scalp smells weird after 1 hour or even shorter. It is socially awkward to have smelly hair and scalp. Things will be worse if you put perfume on your hair. Your hair will be much more “smelly”.

There must be something wrong that causes sour-smelling scalp. If you have no idea why your scalp smells bad after showering in a short time, you can continue reading to find the answer. This article talks about the 10 most possible reasons to make your scalp smell sour. You can also get 8 treatments to get rid of bad scalp smell here.

头皮有酸味的 10 个原因 

即使你每天洗头,头皮仍然有难闻的气味。怎么了?您可以在这里找到导致头皮有酸味的 10 大原因。

  • Poor Hygiene Habits

Poor hygiene is easy to understand. If you don’t wash your hair for some days, definitely your scalp and hair smell sour. Moreover, you should take a shower and wash your hair after the gym. especially when you have an oily scalp.

  • 过度清洗会使头皮产生更多油脂

Washing too much can make your scalp greasier as well. The heavy detergent loads will not make your hair and scalp dry. It will produce more oil on your scalp. Well, it means you are at the risk of drying out your scalp, you are also easy to get less hair and sour smelly scalp.

  • 没有彻底清洗头皮

Remember to wash the entire scalp instead of some easy-to-access places. Use the pads of your finger to wash your scalp, not nails. Even though your scalp is itching, you should use gentle pressure. Every time you scratch your scalp when washing hair, the risk of your scalp getting inflamed and infected is high. It will cause fungus on the scalp easily.

  • Too Much Oil Production 

Additional oil production and irritation are too heavy for your scalp. Don’t use any hair conditioner, hair oil, and any other products on the scalp. Otherwise, you may get hair folliculitis, which makes your scalp produces too much oil and smells sour.

  • Let Your Hair Dry Naturally 

According to Dr. Tim Moore, the hair is half strong when it’s wet. If you don’t 吹干你的头发 quickly, the wet hair will damage your scalp. It is bad to leave your hair wet. You can see dandruff and get a bad smell on the scalp. By the way, it is bad for your health to sleep with hair and scalp wet.

  • Overuse of Silicones in Hair Products


  • Stress and Hormonal Imbalances 

High levels of stress can cause hair loss, smelly scalp, and many other health problems. What’s more, you will also suffer from the natural production of hormones, which lead to oily scalp, 20多岁发际线后退, and other healthy issues.

  • 戴帽子和头罩


  • Excessive Sweating 


  • Bad Diet 

A sour smelly scalp can be caused by a poor diet as well. Check if there is too much yeast in your daily nutrition. By the way, foods like onion, garlic, cumin, curry, and others with strong odors can be excreted through the skin, including your scalp. What’s more, if you always eat hamburgs, pizzas, and fried chicken instead of fruits and vegetables, you may suffer from nutritional deficiency diseases, like hair loss, smelly scalp, and more. 

消除头皮异味的 8 种方法 


  • Change Hair Washing Frequency 

对于油性头发和头皮,您可能需要清洗 日常的.至于正常和干燥的头发,你可以洗头 两次 或者 第三 次每周。这取决于你的头发类型。

  • Wash Your Hair Carefully 

花点时间 将洗发水按摩到头皮中 大约 3 或 5 分钟。您可以使用不含硅的洗发水和护发产品来清洁头皮。

  • Wash Hair with Lukewarm Water 

使用温水 冲洗和洗头。建议水温在 100 华氏度左右。不要使用冷水或热水。

了解更多 如何只用水洗头.

  • 冲洗头发以修复发臭的头皮


履行 苹果醋洗发水 必要时处理头皮发臭和发痒。

  • 不要过度清洁头皮(包括油性/自然/干性头发)

停止使用头皮干燥成分 含有硫酸盐和其他廉价填料。头皮越干燥,就会促进更多的油脂分泌。因此,由于引起异味的微生物的生长,你的头皮闻起来很臭。

  • Remove Hair Product Buildup 

如果你想 去除堆积物 对于美发产品,您可以在湿润的头皮上加入小苏打和水的糊状物。在头发和头皮上使用小苏打安全吗?你可以 点击这里 获取更多信息。

  • Use Tea Tree Oil 

混合一点 茶树油 into a cup of warm water or carrier oil. Then massage it on your scalp thoroughly. You need to leave the oil on the scalp for about half an hour. Then wash your hair and scalp with mild shampoo as usual. It is recommended to do it once a week to prevent itchy and stinky scalp.

  • See A Doctor

如果你的身体和头皮上有很重的气味,那么你应该 去看医生 尽早。难闻的气味背后可能还有更糟糕的事情。

FAQs of Smelly Scalp 

A healthy scalp matters a lot. You can use the above tips and tricks to combat a smelly scalp. Hope this article can help you get rid of sour smelly scalp and hair after washing. If you have any other questions, you can feel free to contact me.

What shampoo to use for smelly scalp?

You can use clarifying shampoos with gentle formula for stinky scalps. It is a good idea to choose shampoos with natural ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar, tea oil, etc. As for people in hot summer, you can choose cooling shampoos.

What does scalp fungus smell like?

It is an unpleasant smell that similar to sour milk, stinky cheese, sulfur, and other kinds of odors.

Is it okay if my scalp smell sweet?

No. Check if you use any hair products with sweetly scenting. Because the build-up of hair oils may make your scalp smell sweet. Actually, the body and scalp odor can smell differently on different people, including sour, sweet, onions, etc.  

A healthy scalp matters a lot. You can use the above tips and tricks to combat a smelly scalp. Hope this article can help you get rid of sour smelly scalp and hair after washing. If you have any other questions, you can feel free to contact me.

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