2022 Trendy Underlayer Hair Dye Ideas and How to Steps

Have you seen the newest and most popular trend around the net these days in hair dye?  It is under dye hair. People are coloring their roots and even do the under dye hair color. It is a far more unique and chic way of coloring your way especially if you have tons of time on hand. Read on and we will share with you some simple yet effective steps in dyeing the under part of your hair.

Finding the perfect hair color that will match your skin tone can be quite hard. To give some great ideas about this matter, we have gathered some of the best under-dye hair ideas that might work for you.

Top 6 Under Dye Hair Ideas

1. Dyed Bottom Layer Hair

When it comes to hair color, you can always opt for a gradation or solid color. Solid shades are bolder as compared to subtle gradation colors. If you wish to get a unique shade, you can always mix colors to achieve this kind of result.

2. Blue Underlayer Hair

If you wish to change the color of your hair then you should be prepared for its result. You can be bolder and more unique. This is the part when where the color blue steps in. It is the kind of shade that goes perfectly to any shade of hair since it is a cool color.

3. Purple Underlayer Hair

If you have a natural hair brown tone then purple will be your best bet when it comes to hair under dye. The purple underlayer shade will compliment your dark hair even more. You can go a little further in mixing shades of purple with lavender or light blue.

4. Red Underlayer Hair Dye

The red shade of hair speaks loud. It is both suitable for men and women since it carries tons of personalities. This kind of under dye shade is a total head turner!

5. Pink Underlayer Hair

Another great hair dye under the idea is to use a pastel shade, such as soft pink. It is not only cute and unique but it is also a great way to cover those stubborn grays! So, if you are searching for another way to get a dramatic change on your tresses then better opt for a pastel shade such as pink. (Check pink and blue hair ideas if you are interested.)

6. Black Hair with Purple Underlayer

If you are looking for a better way to add more volume to your hair then apply a purple shade underneath. A purple hair dye under black hair will not only make heads turn but will certainly help make your hair look more voluptuous.
hair under dye

Simple Steps on How to Hair Dye Underlayer

1. Before You Color Your Hair, Wash It Thoroughly

It is a must that you wash and shampoos your hair before the day you plan to color it. This will prepare your hair and scalp. Through this, your scalp will have enough time to produce new oil that would protect your scalp against the chemical. (Solutions for sour smelling scalp.

2. Comb Your Hair Thoroughly

It is a must that you free your hair from tangles. Doing so will prevent your hair from getting any saturation from the hair dye.  You cam massage hair with a gua sha comb to promote hair growth effectively.

3. Use a Comb to Make a Partition

This is a must in hair dye under process. From one ear, draw a line on your hair to part it at a proper angle.

4. Pin the Top Hair Using a Clip or Ponytail

Pull the top hair tight enough to hold it in place. With this, you will have a clear view of the under hair you wish to color.

5. Apply Cream on Your Hairline

Apply a generous amount of cream or petroleum jelly on your hairline. Just avoid the hair you wish to dye. You don’t want to go bald at your 20s.

6. Bleaching before Under Dye Hair

This is an important step if you plan to use pastel under-dye hair. If you wish to dye your hair in the shade of light blue, pink or violet then make sure that you bleach each strand well. Start with the roots down to the ends. Wait for another day before you apply the dye to your hair.

7. Applying the Under Hair Dye

Use hand gloves before applying the hair dye. Mix the colors you desire well. (Dye hair with food coloring to get safe and  temporary hair dye.) Read the instructions before you start.

8. Use a Color Applicator or Brush

To get an even color, it will help a lot to use a color applicator or brush. By using this tool, you will have more control in applying the color mixture to your hair.

9. Dye Hair with the Roots First

In applying the hair dye, start with your roots first down to the ends. It is a must that you cover the top and bottom in hair dye under.

10. Place a Used Towel Around Your Shoulder and Set the Timer

To avoid any stains on your skin and shirt, wrap a towel around your shoulder. Do not forget to set your timer and always follow the indicated time on the instructions. Never pin or tie the hair around or else the color will spread.

11. Thoroughly Rinse Your Hair

Be certain that you wash your hair with cold water thoroughly until the water runs clear. Never use any shampoo or warm water in washing your hair or your hair cuticle will be damaged.

12. Do Not Forget to Condition Your Hair

Since your hair went through a chemical process, it is a must that you deep condition it. Usually, a ready mixture of hair dye has its conditioner included in the box. You can use it or if you prefer a different conditioner then it will also do good.
hair underlayers dye
There is nothing more fun and exciting than to change the color of your hair. There are tons of shades and even ways to dye your tresses. If you are looking for ways to look more unique then having under hair dye will do the magic! Just be sure to follow the steps we have shared with you to avoid any hair damage.

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