2022 Top 5 Neon Green Hair Dye Ideas and How-to Guide

The fun of coloring hair is totally exciting! Just imagine you could get to change your look completely by simply changing the shade of your hair. If you are feeling girly-girly then you can always go for pastel shades. If you are feeling more dramatic and bolder then why not choose a permanent neon green hair dye! Read on and we will share with you some of the best ideas on this shade of hair dye and even teach you how to do it right at the comfort of your home.

5 Best Neon Green Hair Dye Ideas and How to DIY

1. Bright Green All-Over

For a bolder start, let us share with you this cool bright green all-over shade.

How to Archive Bright Green All Over Hair Color?

  1. To be able to achieve the color in full blast, you have to lighten your hair first by using a lightening product with level 8 or even higher. One of the most recommended lightening products is the Ion Color Brilliance Bright White Crème Lightener mix with a 20% volume developer.
  2. Make sure to wear a hand glove before applying the product.
  3. Section your hair to completely cover every strand. If you plan to use semi-permanent green hair color, leave it for a longer time to get full coverage. As compared to other hair dyes, it has no ammonia which makes it safe to leave on your hair even for a longer time as it will not cause any damage. For this kind of neon green hair dye, I suggest that you leave it for 45 minutes.

neon green hair dye short hair

2. A Shock of Green

If you are looking for a more subtle yet outspoken effect on your hair then this next hair dye idea will suit you best. Just imagine one chunk of green highlight partially hidden by your normal colored hair is a complete cool effect. This is the kind of hair dye idea who wish to color their hair neon green without doing the whole head.

How to Achieve A Shock of Green Hair Color?

  1. Just applying a lightening product in level 7 blonde or higher shade will help lighten just the strand of your hair you wish to color.
  2. To avoid coloring the other parts of your hair, make sure that you tie your hair back while doing the lightening process as well as while applying the hair dye. We recommend you use one of the best neon green hair dyes the One N Only Argan Oil in Emerald Green mixed with a bit of Electric teal to achieve this kind of green hair dye. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes to an hour then wash it out.

3. Emerald Green All Over

This is a far more magical kind of permanent neon green hair dye ever. You don’t have to be super blonde to fully achieve this kind of shade. However, you should remove as much yellow and orange shade before applying it directly to your hair. You should use a purple shampoo or toner to remove the brassiness from your tresses.

How to Achieve Emerald Hair Color?

  1. Before applying the hair dye, make sure to glove your hand, and don’t forget to section your hair.
  2. Use a tint brush to fully cover your roots. Leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. There are several green hair dye products that you can easily get from the market that will give you this shade. You can choose from One N Only Argan Oil Dye in Emerald Green or the Lime Crime Jello. If you have long or thick hair then buy several tubes.
  4. Wash it thoroughly.

4. Ombre Emerald to Lime Green

Now if you are being adventurous then why not try the ombre effect. You just apply a neon green hair dye with other colors to achieve the so-called multidimensional result. You need several hair dyes to get this effect.

How to Achieve Ombre Emerald to Lime Green Hair Color?

  1. You should start with your shadow root first. A good choice for shadow root is to be dark brown.
  2. We recommend One N Only Argan Oil Emerald Green for the darker part and then use the Manic Panic in Electric Lizard for the lighter shade.
  3. Section your hair and apply the shadow root first. Make use of a tint brush for your roots about 2 inches down. After this, apply the emerald green shade. Blend it with your shadow root to get the gradient effect. Leave enough space at the bottom for your next color.
  4. Down to the tips of your hair, apply the lime green color from the emerald shade. Ensure that you blend them well to avoid having crazy lines where the hair color stops.

In case you are going to use a semi-permanent neon green hair dye, we suggest that you leave it on your hair for 30 minutes or even longer. This will make the color stay longer in your hair.

neon green hair dye ideas

5. Mint Green Hair

There is nothing more magical than having a pastel hair dye. To fully achieve this kind of green hair, your hair should be in level 10 or higher blonde.

How to Achieve This Hair Color?

  1. You will need to bleach your hair to an icy blonde if you wish to achieve this result. If your hair is too yellow then there’s a chance that you will fail to achieve this hair color.
  2. Make sure that you generously apply the neon green hair dye to your hair to avoid missing even a single strand.
  3. For a lighter shade, you can leave the color on your hair for an hour or more. To maintain this shade of hair dye, use Joico Color Intensity in Kelly Green with a colorless conditioner.
  4. One of the best neon green hair dye products to use to get this kind of look is the Pravana Chromasilk Pastels in Mystical Mint. You can also go for Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in Salad.

Hair dye dries out your hair. It makes hair brittle and breakage. If you want to add shine and volume to your hair after neon green dye, you can apply COD liver oil and massage your head with gua sha comb regularly. Or you can do a keratin hair treatment to get smooth and shiny hair again.

FAQs of Neon Green Hair Dye

Q: Is bleaching required to attain this kind of hair color?

A: If you have dark hair then you need to bleach it. The level of lightness will depend on your chosen green shade of hair dye. If you are planning to use emerald green then medium blonde hair will do. But if you wish to highlight your hair with a neon green hair dye then your hair should be lighter.

Q: I’m a brunette, how can I apply this neon green hair dye to get the full effect?

A: The first thing you need to do is to apply an ion color brilliance bright white creme lightener mixed with 20 volume developer. Your hair should lighten up first. After this, apply neon green hair dye on your hair and leave it for an hour.

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