Here’re Top 10 Underneath Hair Color Ideas You Can Try

Are you bored with the current color of your hair? Would you like to get the people around you to admire your choice of hair color? It may be time to play around with your underneath hair color to make a distinct impact that will wow the crowds. 

Anyone who has ever gone through a permanent hair dye session knows that the process may be a bit tedious but, when done right, can really produce outstanding results. It will help if you have the correct tools at hand so that you color hair underneath right. As long as you know how to follow instructions closely, you should be able to do this even by yourself.


Top 10 Underneath Hair Color Ideas

1. Learn to Use Certain Colors Together 

Not everyone knows the “right” coloring hair underneath color combinations. It’s just that some colors tend to look good when you dye your hair with them. For example, royal blue does go well with deep purple when displayed alternately as coloring underneath hair.

2. Learn Which Colors and Shades Blend In

Sometimes, it is better to use shades for your hair with color underneath rather than rely on bold blocks of color. This is especially important if you’re not out to grab everyone’s attention but want your hair to seem more interesting anyway. A good example of this is using shades of brown or gray.

3. Chase Rainbows When You Can

One surprisingly eye-catching tip for coloring underneath hair is to make a rainbow out of your hair. You can do this vertically so that one group of hair strands is colored one distinct color, then the next group of hair strands beside that will be dyed a different color. This will go on until your underneath hair color resembles a rainbow.

4. Be Better Bolder

Sometimes, if your hair is jet black, it makes sense to color hair underneath with a very bold color such as violet or royal purple. The effect is like a theatre stage curtain with the bold colors peeking behind it. Dramatic, isn’t it?

5. Hey, That’s Platinum Grey!

One way to really stand out is to go with a hair color for your underneath hair color that is a radical departure from your previous hair color. A favorite of some fashion mavens is platinum grey. It’s just so eye-catching and cool when viewed from behind so you are sure to snag someone’s attention with it, even if your hair is quite long.

6. Go Red and Purple at Any Length

Not everyone knows that red and purple really go well together. But did you know that’s true for any hair length? That’s right. You don’t have to have waist-length hair to make a hair fashion statement. If you have shoulder-length hair, or even a common bob, you can rely on a red and purple underneath hair color combination to make you stand out. By the way, pink and blue hair ideas are also worth to try. 

red hair underlayer

7. I’m Blonde Beneath

You probably heard of people who go blonde even when they have dark roots. Well, why not go blond with your underneath hair color instead? This works for those with pale skin even if your hair is jet black or dark brown. The effect is rather amazing if done right.

blonde hair underneath

8. Wave At the Camera Ladies

No, this tip won’t give more coloring underneath hair ideas. But take note that you don’t have to wear straight hair only when you opt for coloring underneath hair. It is a good idea to have your hair permed in waves or curls to reveal underneath hair color too.

9. Getting Those Tips

Have you ever imagined your underneath hair color if it were only applied to a few inches of your hair at the tips? The key here is to play around with the idea so that it doesn’t look like the coloring all ends in a straight horizontal line. You can make it look like a zigzag if you wish, for example. The point is that sometimes you just need those tips to look great and the rest of the look follows.

10. Go Half and Half

This is probably the most intriguing tip yet. It means you color your hair with color underneath only for half of the vertical part of your hair. The other half will be colored differently. This way, if someone is standing at your left side they will notice one hair color while someone else looking from your right side will see another hair color instead. Learn more about half and half hair dye ideas

half and half hair color

How to Dye the Underneath of Your Hair By Yourself 

Coloring underneath hair doesn’t have to always be done by a professional stylist. Even a beginner in coloring underneath hair can do it! You just need to be patient and good at following these steps to see progress.

1. Prepare the surface

Since you are doing this by yourself, it pays to be thorough. Get some petroleum jelly and smear it smoothly over your nape and neck. This will prevent the hair dye from coloring your skin even if it drips from your hair.

2. Use two mirrors

One mirror can be pretty large and should be placed behind you so that the back of your head can be seen. You may use a hand-held mirror to see what is reflected in the bigger mirror. This way, you don’t need someone else to tell you what is happening behind you.

3. Be careful

Make sure you know what colors you already want before starting. This part can be a little tricky since you have to mix the colors to the appropriate shade even before starting. However, with a little patience and doing some trial and error attempts you can get this right too.

Be sure that you’re going to apply the hair dye to “fresh” hair, meaning hair that hasn’t been colored yet before. If you intend to apply the hair dye to currently colored hair that can be disastrous.

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4. Consult a stylist if you’re not sure about what you’re doing

Yes, it’s good to do trial and error even if you make mistakes. However, a professional stylist can tutor you if you intend to do some tricky steps by yourself but have never done this before. Better to be safe than sorry.

FAQs of Hair Coloring Underneath

Should I hire a stylist to correct any errors I make?

It depends. Some mistakes in coloring hair underneath can simply be washed out with a good shampoo for colored hair.

Do I always have to use a special shampoo for my colored hair underneath?

Yes. You might have to use a dry shampoo if you have that kind of colored hair. In this situation, double shampoo is not good for your dyed hair. Because it will make your hair color fade faster than normal.

Will I need a hair conditioner for my colored hair underneath?

Yes, you may condition your hair with a color-protecting type of hair conditioner.

As you can see, coloring underneath hair isn’t rocket science but there are some crucial learnings first to be mastered. It pays to walk yourself through the steps before the undertaking itself. The good news is that if you can follow directions and are meticulous in the actual application of the hair dye then you will probably successfully color hair underneath and enjoy the fantastic results.

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